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Реферат Бизнес-план /english/ (WinWord 97)

Название: Бизнес-план на английском языке
Масуренков Владислав
Домашняя Лаборатория Компьютерных Исследований

E-mail: delki@chat.ru
Примечание: Написан мной и еще парой человек по курсу "Написание бизнае-плана". Правда 80% сделал я.

Rostov State University

Business plan
consultation of computer and software

Made by:
Massourenkov Vladislav
Machno Olga
Tovstolutskaia Larisa



1. Mission Statement 3
2. Industry Analys 4
3. Marketing Plan 5
4. Expenses 6
5. Break-Even Analysis 9
6. Cash Flow Projektion 10
7. Organisation Plan 11

Mission Statement

Our consumers are all firms and organizations, which use computers, everyone, who needs office software and also home computer users. Our partners: Firms, which create the software for at home and office, distributors of the firms-manufacturers of inventory materials and internet Providers. Service of our firm: recomendation for purchase of computer, protection and rescue computer viruses, teaching to computer's using, selling and installing programs, consultation about the computer's modernisation. The activity of firm will be distributed in Rostov region.
Main idea of our Firm: "We'll make computer easy for you". We'll help people to find themselves in the computer and software world. The basic technology: the individual work with each customer. Image of the company: with the help of advertising we consider to create image of the solid company, working with firms and the private persons.

Industry Analysis

Computer sales grew by 14 % over 1996. The selling of the programs has increased in 1997 by 15.3 %. The receipts of realization of the programs have grown on 13-17 %. In Russia the growth of sale of the company "Vist" in 1996 has left 23 % in comparison with 1996.
About 40-60 % of new firms have appeared in our industry in the last three years. The main three competitors have appeared for the last 2-5 years.
The main competitors are "Informatika", "Computer-engineering" and "Gendalf".
Recently have been introducted internet-services and many new programs.
Our business is better than business of our competitors because: we give our buyer two completely new services, which should result that from us in our customers buying other kinds of services, which our competitors render. For reason of rendering of initial service (advice at a choice of the computer) the buyer not only will trust our firm, but also will depend on it.
The greatest force has our main competitor "Informatika". It for a long time was in the market and has additional advantages by sale of our services, since is also seller of computer engineering. The buyers frequently buy the programs simultaneously with purchase of the computer. The other main competitors have only one advantage, that they have been in the market for a long time and have usual reputation.


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